Why is the solar cell built into the panel?
It makes it easier to position the system on the wall or roof, and it looks nicer.

The solar cell is more protected from plugs, footballs, wind and other types of weather when it is built into the panel.

When the system switches off on a hot summer day, the temperature in the absorber will not exceed approx. 80 degrees centigrade. According to scientists at DTU (The Technical University of Denmark), this regenerates the solar cell and actually lengthens its lifetime in comparison to a solar cell which is mounted on the outside of the solar air collector.

What is the difference between a regulator and a on/off switch?
The regulator can reduce the speed of the ventilator (air) and, thus, increase the heat of the air while reducing the noise level. The regulator can also be switched off if you turn it to zero.

The on/off switch only has an ON/OFF function.

What is the life expectancy for a SolarVenti?
Based on the experience of Danish customers with the early version of the holiday house pack, in which the solar cell was positioned next to the panel, we expect the life expectancy for the solar cell to be 10 – 20 years. This is the most critical component in the panel. Our new solar cells – which are placed inside the solar panel – will presumably last longer.

The fan is one of the best and quietest on the market - a Sunon with double-row ball bearings and, in theory, 30,000 hours of operation which corresponds to approx. 25 years of wear and tear.

Is maintenance of a SolarVenti system necessary?
No, it is maintenance-free. Rain and snow wash dust, pollen and other impurities off the system.

How much noise does a SolarVenti make?
When it is running at full capacity, the acoustic pressure is approx. 40 db (plus/minus 2 db, depending on solar radiation).
This corresponds to the noise from a very quiet extractor fan and we have not yet had any customers who have been bothered by the noise from the SolarVenti. Moreover, the noise level (air flow) can be adjusted using the fan’s regulator.

When the fan is turned down the temperature of the injection air will rise.

My house is over 90 sq m and it is a long way from one end to the other. What should I do?
One possibility would be to set up a larger solar panel (SV30 is 3 m2). If you ensure that there is an air escape vent at the other end of the house, the air from the SolarVenti will automatically be drawn to it.

Another possibility would be to mount, e.g., 2 SolarVentis on the house, one at each end..