SolarVenti is a solar powered positive input ventilation and dehumidification system that delivers fresh air into your home or business premises.

SolarVenti helps create a healthier living and working environment by improving the air quality and minimising

  • Moisture
  • Bad Odours
  • Mould and Fungus
  • Radon Gas

​Using positive input ventilation SolarVenti supplies warm filtered fresh air into properties creating a positive pressure using a solar fan operated by its own internal solar panel. When the fan is running the property is supplied with a sufficient volume of air to exchange with the air inside the property on a regular basis.

Why you need ventilation in a modern environment?

With the advent of better building regulations and practices plus other energy saving measures, houses have become more airtight.

Unless ventilated properly this air can remain locked into a property leading to increased moisture levels caused by the normal activities of life in a house such as breathing, bathing, drying clothes etc.

This increased moisture can lead to well-known household problems such as mould, fungus and bad odours.

The air circulated from the SolarVenti fan is warmed and dried replacing the moisture laden air from the property enabling the homes to benefit from reduced heat up times in winter months as moisture laden air is more difficult to heat it also creates a healthier environment to live in.

How SolarVenti Works

1. The sun’s rays gets the collector started by initiating the patented internal solar PV panel which starts the fan

2. Fresh dry air is drawn in through the small holes in the perforated back plate. The air circulates in the collector and is heated by the sun. The perforated back is designed to prevent insects from entering the panel

3. Depending on the model approximately 35 to 200 m3 dry, air is drawn through the patented material in the collector warming it blown into the building per hour. The temperature in the injected air is approximately 15°C-40°C above the outside temperature – this can be adjusted through the SolarVenti regulator control

4. Humid air is driven out of the building through a built in valve or natural losses through the cracks and crevices of the building

The Science behind the technology

SolarVenti has 3 patents which enable them to deliver unrivalled air pressure through the their panel.

  • Patented heat generating material warms the air 
  • Patented internal PV panel  
  • Patented non return valve that prevents moisture build up when switched off 

Further special features:

  • The back plate is designed to not allow any moisture and insects into the air holes 
  • The specialised filter is self-cleaning due to the temperatures reached in the panel 
  • 100% Silent operation 
  • Danish construction 
  • 5 year product warranty 

SolarVenti components: