SolarVenti offers a product Warranty of 5 years in regards to Solarventi standard and basement products

The indoor climate in well insulated modern houses is normally healthy for your fuel bill but certainly not always for your health. The problem stems from the missing air renewal.

Gone are the days of natural ventilation through numerous small leakages in our houses. Instead we find tight windows and doors, while walls and ceilings are sealed by vapor barriers. Moisture on the inside of the double glazing has become a sign of an unsound indoor climate.

The Warranty Covers:

Aluminum frame, rear plate, absorbent filter, polycarbonate cover, solar cell, fan, switch, wall mount and roof kit.

SolarVenti also offers 5 years Warranty on professional products.

For regulators, controls and other accessories along with spare parts, the product warranty is 2 years.

5 years product warranty, was entered into force on April 1st. 2013.

For products purchased before that date, the warranty is 2 years.

Product warranty will commence after immediate time of delivery and contains in details:

Errors or defects in the product at the time of delivery, for example defects in workmanship or materials.

We will either repair, replace, refund or give you discount on the price, depending on your particular situation.

The warranty further more covers defects, which were present at the time of delivery - as defects in relation to workmanship or materials. Therefore, we recommend that all customers review the delivered products for errors or defects at the time of delivery and notify the dealer or SolarVenti immediately about possible errors or defects.

During the warranty period. If the product, contrary to expectations breaks, the product should by prior arrangement, be sent to the dealer or Solarventi for repair.

The service will be made free of charge at our dealer workshop or in our factory, unless the defect was caused by improper maintenance, modification or misuse by the user or installer, vandalism, storm damage or similar or other external causes inflicted by the receiver (installer or customer).

The repair should at all times be reported to SolarVenti by the customer or distributor, and the distributor will in cooperation with SolarVenti decide to repair the product as they see best fit.

Remember! The invoice serves as a warranty certificate and a copy must be submitted with the application.

If a product is sent to the distributor or SolarVenti and the service and warranty conditions is not met, the cost of repair will be applied to the customer.

In regards to SolarVenti® Professional, the warranty is void if the product is transferred to third.