Livoltek All-in-One ESS, 3.0KW hybrid inverter, 5kWh LFP Battery

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Livoltek All-in-One ESS: Smart Features for Optimal Performance

The Livoltek All-in-One ESS, 3.0KW hybrid inverter, 5kWh LFP Battery goes beyond just storing solar energy. It incorporates intelligent features to maximize efficiency, safety, and user control. Here's a closer look at these functionalities:

Smart Energy Management:

  • Intelligent Battery Care: The system employs active balancing and real-time temperature monitoring to ensure all battery cells operate within optimal parameters. This extends the lifespan and overall health of your lithium battery.
  • Proactive Fault Detection: The Livoltek ESS constantly monitors system operation. In case of any potential issues, you'll receive timely fault alarms, allowing for prompt troubleshooting and minimizing downtime.

Safety First:

  • Advanced Battery Technology: Livoltek utilizes LiFePO4 battery cells, known for their inherent stability and safety. These batteries are managed by a smart Battery Management System (BMS) that regulates charging and discharging cycles for optimal performance and longevity.
  • Robust Construction: The high-strength aluminum alloy shell provides a secure and protective housing for the internal components. Additionally, the battery cells are composed of high safety materials with a thermal decomposition temperature of 800 degrees Celsius, offering exceptional fire resistance.

Real-Time Remote Control:

  • Cloud-Based Data Management: The Livoltek ESS stores comprehensive system data in a secure cloud storage platform. This allows you to access historical trends, analyze energy production patterns, and make informed decisions about your energy usage.
  • Remote System Management: Gain complete control over your ESS from anywhere. You can remotely adjust settings, upgrade firmware, and monitor key system parameters for optimal performance.



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