SolarEdge 3,680W Home Wave Inverter - Single Phase (Net)

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SolarEdge 3,680W Home Wave Inverter - Single Phase

The SolarEdge 3680W Home Wave 1PH Inverter utilizes groundbreaking HD-Wave technology for a streamlined installation process and is considered a significant advancement in inverter technology. This award-winning technology boasts impressive efficiency in testing and is preferred by both installers and end-users for its small size, light weight, and dependability. To ensure optimal performance, SolarEdge inverters require the use of power optimizers which handle module-level Maximum Power Point Tracking and voltage control, leaving the inverter to focus solely on DC to AC conversion. A key element of the HD-Wave technology is the integration of smaller and more dependable thin film capacitors, resulting in a lighter overall design with less reliance on heavy metal components.