SolarEdge Home Network - StorEdge Home Battery 48V Inverters, inc. Comms Board

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The SolarEdge Home system enables a 200% DC oversizing rate and provides a reliable battery for excess power storage in on-grid and backup* settings. Our advanced DC coupling technology allows excess PV to be stored directly in the battery without any conversion losses, resulting in greater energy production over the system's lifetime. This system is specifically designed to work in conjunction with SolarEdge Home Wave and Hub Inverters - Three Phase, providing a convenient one-stop-shop solution. 

  • Flexible installation - indoor or outdoor
  • Streamlined ordering process with one source for service, warranty, software and training
  • Any excess PV is stored directly in the battery with no conversion losses, thanks to our DC coupling technology
  • Designed to work with SolarEdge Home Wave and Hub Inverters - Three Phase for an optimal one-stop-shop solution
  • Multiple battery module stacking per inverter for increased system capacity