SolarEdge Home Smart Switch

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The SolarEdge Home Smart Switch optimizes solar energy to power compatible home appliances, resulting in lower electricity bills and extended backup time. A 16A AC switch, the Smart Switch is connected via a robust SolarEdge Home Network, offering a superior alternative to ZigBee wireless technology for simplified setup and control.

Utilize the SolarEdge Home Smart Switch to run more appliances on sunshine and control it all with mySolarEdge app.

  • Controls dedicated permanently connected appliances
  • Controls appliances for increased backup time
  • Measures the energy consumption of the connected appliance
  • Includes type 3 surge protection
  • Allows for multiple mounting options, including DIN rail
  • Loads control can be done remotely according to a pre-configured schedule or dynamically by the inverter for maximized self-consumption

Please note that SolarEdge Home Network-based load control devices cannot be mixed with ZigBee-based load control devices for the same inverter or site. For more information, click here

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    25 Year Warranty


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