SolarEdge 3kW Immersion Controller

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SolarEdge 3kW Immersion Controller

 Maximize home energy efficiency with the SolarEdge 3kW Immersion Controller, designed to extract the most energy from your system for water heating. Divert excess PV energy towards the home's hot water while reducing energy bills for enhanced self-consumption. This Controller utilizes a wireless mesh SolarEdge Home Network that provides improved network stability and simplified setup procedures compared to ZigBee wireless technology.

  • Zigbee wireless module
  • Modbus meter
  • CT sensor


Maximizes self-consumption by storing excess solar energy as hot water

  • Seamless integration with all SolarEdge inverters, and the monitoring platform
  • Enables prioritizing excess solar power to go to the Hot Water Controller before other devices
  • Adjusts power supplied to the heater based on available PV power (up to 3.0kW)
  • Built-in water tank power-consumption meter
  • Simple wall mount installation
  • Wireless communication with the inverter
  • Suitable for powering purely resistive loads only
  • Optional temperature sensor for optimized heating