Solaredge Power management package for up to 250A grid supply

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SolarEdge Power management package for up to 250A grid supply

This comprehensive package provides full monitoring capabilities for SolarEdge commercial systems, offering detailed tracking and display of energy production and usage. It ensures optimal performance of the entire system and enables effective management of energy consumption. Approval from the local DNO is required for using this package to limit the power export of the system to an agreed amount. For example, a 100kWp PV system with 85kW of inverters could be limited to exporting only 75kW of AC power as per the DNO's regulations. During periods of self-consumption, such as Monday-Friday, the property is likely to consume sufficient power and no limitations will be applied. However, during times of high generation and low self-consumption, the system will automatically reduce the export power to meet the DNO's specified limit. For most commercial buildings, this reduction in energy will only be a small percentage of the total annual generation, making the additional generation capacity well worth it.


This Power Management Package includes 1x RS485 Expansion Kit, suitable for 2x inverter systems. If more than 2x inverters are present, an additional RS485 Kit per inverter may be necessary. If only one inverter is present, this component is not required. A 20m length of RS-485 cable is provided for connecting the first inverter to the energy meter, as well as for connecting the inverters in the bus. Please check if this quantity is sufficient. Also included are 3 X 250A current monitoring clamps, suitable for properties with up to 250A per phase power supply. These clamps should be sized according to the incoming grid supply of the property. Please check if these are sufficient before purchasing. Note: smaller CTs are available.


This part is made up of the following items:

  • 1 x  1PH/3PH 230/400V SolarEdge Energy Meter K2 with Modbus Connection

  • 3 x 250A Split-Core Current Transformer for SolarEdge Energy Meters with Modbus Connection
  • 1 x SolarEdge RS485 Plug-in
  • 20 x Double pair genuine RS485 cable 1M - 4 cores