SolarEdge S1200 Commercial Power Optimiser Long Lead

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The SolarEdge S1200 Commercial Power Optimizer is suitable for various solar projects, including rooftop, ground-mount, floating, AgriPV, and carport installations. Our DC-DC converters connect to every two PV panels on site, maximizing production at the panel level. By tracking the maximum power point of each individual panel, our Power Optimizers increase overall system yield and revenue, while providing valuable panel-level performance data. Additionally, our unique safety features ensure maximum system safety.

Each panel in the PV array works independently, eliminating mismatch-related power losses and enabling higher overall energy production. Our Power Optimizers can also connect to bifacial panels, minimizing electrical losses caused by ground albedo, shading, and other rear-side factors. With the ability to place Power Optimizers at multiple orientations, tilts, and panel types in the same string, using Maximum Power Point Tracking, you can easily meet complex project layouts. When used with SolarEdge inverters, Power Optimizers offer even greater flexibility by automatically


  • SafeDC™ - automatically reduces high system voltage to touch-safe levels during inverter or grid shutdown
  • Sense Connect* - patented SolarEdge technology that monitors Power Optimizers’ connectors, identifying improper connections and possible malfunctions from connector wear and tear for arc risk prevention
  • Arc fault prevention - combines with SolarEdge inverters to automatically detect and terminate electric arcs at the panel level