SolarEdge S500B Power Optimizer

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SolarEdge S500B Power Optimizer

Improve solar module output and address mismatch-loss with the SolarEdge S500B Power Optimizer. This latest generation offers enhanced safety, simplified wiring, and smart remote monitoring. Optimize panel-level production, even with shading or debris, and gain full system visibility with panel-level monitoring.

  • Support higher wattage panels, including the M10 for maximum power density.
  • SolarEdge Sense Connect technology proactively identifies and prevents potential electrical arcs from forming in the Power Optimizer connector.
  • In the event of an arc, the inverter switches to safe mode, reduces voltage, and the faulty connector is easily identified on the Monitoring Platform.
  • Receive instant notifications through SetApp and our Monitoring Platform for added peace of mind

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25 Year Warranty