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Pylontech was founded in 2009 as a dedicated battery energy storage system (BESS) provider by consolidating their expertise in electrochemistry, power electronics and system integration to deliver reliable energy storage solutions globally. With shipments doubled for 8 years in a row, it has become a leading provider of energy storage system worldwide.

We are humbled to contribute our know-how to our technologies and create a sustainable future for all. Pylontech always is here to take responsibility and always take the mission to liberate human energy sustainably.

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  • Pylon Force H2 BMS with basement and cables (FC0500M-40S-V2) - NuVision Energy
  • Pylon BMS unit for Powercube 1000V/100A
  • Pylon MBMS1000 Multiple Battery Stacks BMS Controller
  • Pylon PowerCube H2, 3.552kWh, 48V 74Ah for High Voltage series connection(H48074)
  • Pylon US5000 4.8kWh  Li-Ion Solar Battery 48V (excl. brackets)
  • Pylon US3000C 3.5kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery (excl. brackets)
  • Pylon US2000C 2.4kWh  Li-Ion Solar Battery (excl. brackets) - NuVision Energy
  • Pylon Low Voltage Solar Battery Communication Hub
  • Pylon Force-L2 Low Voltage System 7.10kWh
  • Pylon Force-L2 Low Voltage System 14.2kWh
  • Pylon Force-L2 Low Voltage System 10.65kWh
  • Pylon Force-L2 BMU with Base FC0048M-100
  • Pylon Force-L2 Li-ion Battery Module 3.55kWh FL4874M
  • Pylon Force H2 BMS with basement and cables (FC0500M-40S)
  • Pylon Force-H2 Lithium 3.55kWh battery FH9637 module 96V 37AH
  • Pylon 2m Cable pack for US2000B/C, US3000, US5000 battery models
  • Parallel battery cables for Pylontech Battery(0.6m)
  • 2xBrackets - Pylon US5000
  • 2xBrackets - Pylon US3000/C
  • Pylontech 2xBrackets - Pylon US2000