This Revolutionary New Boiler has Arrived in the UK

Saving You Up to 80% on Gas and Oil Bills

The Energy Efficient Boiler from Heatese

Heatese is the revolutionary new central heating system for Gas, LPG and Oil

“I have been a heating engineer for 47 years. I have seen, at first hand, the new Heatese heating system in operation. It will heat a 3-4 bedroom house and its water using as little as 0.50 litres of oil an hour”

Dominick Gallagher

What is Heatese?

A complete, swap-and-save energy saving solution...

Rethinking how boilers work to deliver energy savings you can rely on year-in, year-out:

How it Works

The Energy-Efficient Boiler

Heatese is a revolutionary approach to boiler technology.

Re-thought from the ground-up, Heatese is not just another 'tweaked' boiler.

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Watch the video tour to learn more about the dramatic savings Heatese is capable of.

✔️ Unlike heat pumps and boilers, Heatese stores heated water, so there is no extra cost in relation to pre-heating.

✔️Accompanying convector radiators can provide instant heat when required, even if turned off for 24 hours

✔️Fuel burn minimised: The burner in Heatese has a running cycle of just 12 minutes in every 45 minutes cycle. A typical boiler has a running cycle of 22.5 minutes in every 45 minute cycle

The Savings

Heatese Fuel Consumption:

0.5 litre of oil per hour

Based on 5 hours of use per day, at 70c per litre.

Cost per day:


*Based on standard 2,000 sq ft / 4 bedroom​ ​home.​
​​ ​
Oil​ ​price​ ​as​ ​of​ April​ ​2019

Traditional A-Rated Condensing Boiler Fuel Consumption

2.5 litre of oil per hour

Based on 5 hours of use per day, at 70c per litre.

Cost per day:


*Based on standard 2,000 sq ft / 4 bedroom​ ​home.​ ​​

Oil​ ​price​ ​as​ ​of​ ​April, ​2019

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Order 24/7


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" I am Graham Duffy owner of Victoria Court, a 26,000 sq ft. 50 bedroomed luxury nursing home in Carrickfergus.

When we acquired the home in 2020, it was a priority to replace the existing heating system as it was inefficient, costly and unreliable. In researching the market for an efficient energy saving product I discovered BlueBuild could supply me with 5 x 17 kw Heatese Boiler system to replace the 2 x 112 kw condenser boiler system which provided a good fit for my needs.

The boiler has been up and running for 8 weeks and we are delighted with the 73% reduction in fuel bills, the corresponding reduction in carbon emissions with increased warmth and hot water for our residents.

We calculate the payback of the system to be 3.5 years!

This product has exceeded our expectations and as a result we will be looking to roll the system out over our other nursing homes. I would highly recommend this system to any organisation as it reduces costs and carbon emission dramatically whilst delivering heating, hot water and comfort with efficiency. "

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Domestic Use

We are able to supply Heatese in homes throughout the UK with our comprehensive installer network.

Commercial Use

We have recently begun installing Heatese in commercial properties, such as care homes, throughout the UK.

Please contact us for case study information, and similarly for information on how much Heatese could potentially save your business, with a short pay-back period. 

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